What is this blog about?

This blog was born after searching the internet for many years for reliable information on plants that are fit for the Nordic garden. I did not find a website that could answer all my questions and I thought that maybe I am not alone in this search.

My aim is to make a blog which is as objective (and scientific) as possible, yet containing many stories and personal touches.

I would be very glad if readers contribute to it, sending over information and pictures of plant varieties in their Nordic gardens. Below are the three important aspects of the blog I would like to discuss separately.

White Salvia nemorosa, roses, Dianthus and Leucanthemum


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The best mint for a cold garden – an experiment

Everyone knows the taste and smell of mint, but, do we really? There are so many mint species and hybrids carrying a variety of tastes, such as chocolate, lemon and whatnot. In 2017 we have embarked in a project in finding out the best mint variety for our climate, and our taste buds. Here are the first results of our experiment.

Mentha longifolia “Silver Form”, 12.08.14

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Growing haskap or Nordic blueberries – an experiment

Lonicera caerulea

Many people praise the qualities of a shrub called Lonicera caerulea, or haskap. Through many websites, haskap promises us to withstand hard winters, to give us the earliest berries in the year and to delight us with the taste of these berries. Can we trust its promises in the Norwegian garden?

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Augusta Luise Rose – my favourite but tender rose

I have a confession to make. My favourite rose is not one that easily survives in our climate. And it is not Amberway Approved. My favourite rose is the beautiful Augusta Luise.

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Burgund Rose – velvety, red and fragrant, what else is there to wish for?

The rose Burgund, also called Loving Memory is another creation of the German Kordes breeders. If you close your eyes and imagine The Perfect Rose, or the Rose of The Beauty and the Beast, it will be most likely very similar to a Burgund rose. Certainly, there are many other roses that look very similar, such as Erotica, Ingrid Bergman, Nina Weibull, etc. However, in our garden, the other ones have died, while Burgund survives.

Burgund rose, 24.07.16

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Dornröschen – a beautiful rose bouquet in your garden

I would really like to tell you the story that I was researching for days on which rose would thrive the most in our garden, and as a result of these studies Dornröschen was selected. I would like to… but I can’t. Because the true story is much more trivial. We went to a garden centre, there was a discount on roses and we got a bunch of them, including Dornröschen.

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Crown Princess Margareta Rose – a queen, not princess for the Nordic garden

After the disappointment of finding out that the Austin rose Abraham Darby is not thriving in our Nordic climate, we did not consider buying Austin roses for a long time. Then, while walking through a plant nursery, my mother, on a whim bought Crown Princess Margareta, an Austin rose. This was a great choice!

Crown Princess Margareta surrounded by Salvia nemorosa, 27.07.17

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Abraham Darby Rose – can something so beautiful have defects?

This was one of the first seven roses we bought for our garden. I chose it due to the beautiful pictures in garden catalogues. I could not resist the magnificent blooms of a multitude of pink shades that looked at me from the pictures and promised my garden was going to be as beautiful as these blooms. I was looking at those pictures and already imagining the whole garden covered by these beautiful pink roses. Long story short: we bought this rose.

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